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Friends Classic Underpads

Friends Classic Underpads offer reliable protection against leaks and spills. With a highly absorbent core and leak-proof backing, they keep surfaces dry and clean. Ideal for managing incontinence or providing added protection during medical procedures. Choose Friends Classic for quality, reliability, and comfort.


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Friends Classic Underpads are your trusted companion for safeguarding surfaces against leaks and spills. Crafted with a highly absorbent core and leak-proof backing, these underpads offer unparalleled protection for beds, chairs, and other furniture, ensuring cleanliness and dryness in any setting. The soft, non-woven top sheet is gentle on the skin, providing comfort during use. Whether you’re managing incontinence, caring for a loved one, or seeking additional protection during medical procedures, Friends Classic Underpads deliver reliability and peace of mind. Choose Friends Classic for premium quality, superior performance, and unmatched comfort. Experience the difference today.


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